Super App for community household transactions

Empowering Community Commerce in India

To run your household you transact with many trusted local vendors and service providers...but, it is painful and you wish for the convenience of a single user-friendly App?

MyBy is the solution for you. Trust us!

Make your everyday interactions with your local suppliers easy with ‘MyBy’ app. Bring all your Trusted Suppliers on a single platform and make every transaction online. It’s simple.

Streamline all your community vendors on a single platform

Tutor, Gardner, Pharmacist, Driver, Florist, Milk, Groceries and more - In a nutshell, everything you need.

Transact Securely

Simply convey your daily needs through our private and secure app.

Manage and Track

Your household expenses and payments, tracked and managed in one place.

How it Works

Everything is online nowadays and, in fact, there are way too many Apps. But your trusted local vendors & service providers are not. Now you can get them on an App just for you.... because You are the one Incharge here!

MyBy is a simple user-friendly app designed for you to connect and transact with all your trusted vendors and service providers. Just Sign up, invite your trusted vendors into your App and start transacting online without any ado and no middlemen involved whatsoever - It’s as simple as that.


MyBy is not just an ordinary e-commerce marketplace. You can create your own private marketplace, and bring all your trusted and known local merchants or service providers in one place. So, what all can be done with MyBy?

Add or invite your trusted suppliers with just a click

Place orders the way you like. Talk, Text or Chat It’s that simple.

Make payments easily - Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, UPI or any type of credit/debit cards

Invite your family members and track all your household expenses

Get timely notifications and reminders about your upcoming transactions

Avoid middleman and add value for your money

Community vendors on MyBy

Community vendors on MyBy